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and Institutes of Culture

Tailored services to help fellows and residents get the most out of their experience in Rome 

Academies: Mostre in corso



Private tours in Rome and around Rome

Networking, studio visits, workshops

  • Planning and organization of personalized private tours and thematic itineraries based on the research interests of the residents

  • Activation of contacts with institutional representatives of museums, foundations, galleries, independent spaces. 

  • Mediation and support in presenting artistic and cultural projects to museums, foundations, galleries, independent spaces

  • Organization of studio visits with curators from all over Italy

  • Design and organization of workshops involving fellows and residents

  • Support in developing relations with the network of artists, curators, professors, professionals in the contemporary art field

Academies: Testo



Support with artistic and curatorial research

  • Support with the development of in-depth research proposals 

  • Activation of relations with archives, research and documentation centers all over Italy

  • Portfolio revision and editing

  • Translation (Italian, French, Spanish, English, Russian) and localization of portfolios for local interlocutors 

  • Drafting of technical sheets and presentation texts 

  • Design and organizational support for the realization of events, workshops, talks

Academies: Testo



Logistics support & more

  • Contacts with artisans and service providers for artistic production in the city and surrounding areas 

  • Contacts with workshops for the use of industrial machinery not present in the Academy / Institute of Culture  

  • Materials research

  • Support regarding the transportation, set-up, and installation of works 

  • Logistical support (transport, transfers) 

  • Organization of photographic and video documentation sessions

  • Exhibitions set-up

Any questions?

Academies: Testo

if you have any particular requests, 

contact us and we will put together a personalized offer

Academies: Testo
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